Tell Italians you’re coming over for a visit, and they will whip up a complete buffet in what seems like a snap of the fingers. When Di Meglio was in sixth grade, her friends decided to show up for dinner one night. As word spread about what the kids were fed (homemade pizza, meatballs, and pasta), about 20 to 50 kids started coming for dinner every Friday night. Her parents never turned anyone away. To feed people is to love them, and breaking bread is the ultimate in the dolce vita.

Italians revere food and family. The two go hand in hand. They are the original organics – unwitting tree huggers – with their gardens full of tomatoes, basil, garlic, lettuce, onions, eggplant, zucchini, and all the rest. Putting these natural, delicious treats to work in simple recipes is part of an Italian’s everyday life. Here Di Meglio shares the recipes and stories of food as she learned growing up in an Italian home.

The latest issue of Food Network Magazine is all about Italian food. Yeah! © Photo of magazine Francesca Di Meglio

Food Network Magazine Goes Italian for the Month


Chef Ciro Mattera in America Food - Di Meglio

Italian Chef Ciro Mattera Offers a Taste of the Dolce Vita in America

Italian Rainbow Cookies - Di Meglio

Learning how to make these cake-like cookies has revolutionized my life. © Photo by Francesca Di Meglio

How to Make Italian Rainbow Cookie Cake

Paw Patrol Cake - Di Meglio

This Paw Patrol cake is easy to make, delicious, and adorable. © Photo by Francesca Di Meglio

How to Make a Paw Patrol Cake Your Kids Will Love













We Eat Bunnies

Zucchini Pizzas - Di Meglio

Maybe this will convince your kids to eat some of the green stuff. © Photo by Francesca Di Meglio

Zucchini Pizzas

Pesto - Di Meglio

Pesto is a gift of summer. © Photo by Francesca Di Meglio

Pesto Change-o!

Nona's Sunday Sauce - Francesca Di Meglio

The aroma of Sunday morning is the best wake up call ever. © Photo by Francesca Di Meglio

Nonno’s Sunday Sauce

American Flag Pie - Di Meglio

Tada’, this is the simplest and most impressive dessert I’ve ever made. © Photo by Francesca Di Meglio

Simple As Pie

Granita - Di Meglio

This may be the most refreshing summer treat evah! © Photo by Francesca Di Meglio

How to Make Granita

Firecracker Cake - Di Meglio

My Betty Crocker Firecracker Cake

Flag Strawberry Tiramisu - Gerenini

Patriotic Strawberry Tiramisu

Homemade gnocchi - Di Meglio

How to Make Homemade Gnocchi