Minestrone for the Soul

Italian families come with built-in life coaches, usually in the form of your zii (aunts and uncles), nonni (grandparents), genitori (parents), cugini (cousins), and siblings (fratelli), not to mention amici (friends). Their advice is timeless and wise. Still, you probably will ignore it. After all, most of us are just set on making our own mistakes. I’m the first to fess up to this. Now, however, I’m beginning to track the best advice I’ve received from my consiglieri, and I’m sharing it with you right here:

Here is advice from my advisers:

The Black Heart of Christmas

Open Your Own Damn Doors

The Best Gift Is Memories

Let’s Choose to Be Kind

How to Pick Friends

Get Thee a Husband

Grasp the Value of a Dollar

Grow Your Garden

Taking Me for a Ride


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