The Italian Mamma’s Story

Benvenuti a casa! Welcome home! This Italian Mamma is about to smother you in love and Sunday sauce, stories of the Old World and lessons from the new. Here, you’ll discover lots about my family and how we incorporate the dolce vita – Italy’s sweet life – in our homes and hearts, whether we’re spending time in the Motherland or our home, the glorious United States of America. You can expect family folklore and history, parenting tips, crafts and games, reflections on life in Italy (and those crazy but lovable Italians), and photos of Ischia, which is the home of my ancestors and husband and is found off the coast of Naples in Italy. Expect to see beautiful beaches, people, and food. We’re all about making memories, so come on in and stay a while.

Personal Scoop on the Italian Mamma

Born and raised in northern New Jersey, Di Meglio’s father is an immigrant from Italy. Her mother’s family also traces its roots to Italy although she was born in the United States. In fact, both sides of the family come from the island of Ischia. While visiting family on vacation in her 20s, Di Meglio met Antonio, who would eventually become her husband. He too is a native of Ischia. Now, the two have a bi-continental marriage. It makes for an interesting perspective! Since they spend lots of time in both the United States and Italy, the Italian Mamma can offer up lots of pointers related to travel, parenting, and memory making with this unique perspective.

More on Italia

You can eat up more delicious tidbits about Italy and its people on the ItaliansRus Web site, where I write the Our Paesani column. 

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The book I wrote about family travel in New Jersey is now available on Amazon. © Photo courtesy of Globe Pequot Press

The Italian Mamma served as a consultant editor of Admitted: An Interactive Workbook for Getting into a Top MBA Program, which is available on Amazon.